What's $BIT10?

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$BIT10 is the governance token of Bittendo, also acts as an incentive instrument.
The token is designed to maximize benefits to the token's holders while fostering the community's ongoing growth and development.


Total supply of 7,000,000,000 $BIT10, in which:
  • 6.9% Airdrop To Early Adopters
    Early adopters: 1) BTC speedrun players 2) Social farming season 1 campaign  3) P2/ P1 role on Discord 4) Zoo fighter gamers: Submit your wallet and earn points
  • 24.1% Community Rewards
    Community Rewards: TBD
  • 69% Fair Launch
    Fair launch: With 69% token in circulation

Utilities of $BIT10?

Introducing the trio-consensus, you can use BIT10 in three different styles: dPOW or POS or POP (Proof of Play).

For dPOW - degen Proof of Work, BIT10 holders can purchase the Miners, and powered them by real works (clicking, hovering, tapping, you name it). Miners produce dBTC (Degen Bitcoin) that will grant you the airdrop of all the games launching on Bittendo until the end of time.

For Proof of Stake, BIT10 can be staked into different “game validators” to fuel the next game launch. There will be several candidate games to launch every month, and the community decides which game by staking. All stakers receive airdrop, however stakers of the winner will get a boost.